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Have you mapped out your holiday marketing plan as yet? What about Q5, the period in between Christmas and midway into January, which presents a whole range of additional opportunities as users engage in the holiday spirit?

That’s the focus of TikTok’s latest marketing guide, which provides a range of insights and tips to help businesses make the most of their post-Christmas promotions.
TikTok’s Q5 Playbook comes in two different versions, a general guide, and a small business version. You can download both here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key notes from TikTok’s latest marketing tips overview.
First off, TikTok outlines the potential of Q5, which generally sees higher levels of engagement, as people are on a break from their regular obligations.

As you can see, TikTok engagement remains high in the period, which could make it a great point of emphasis for your campaigns.
The guide even provides more specific insight into what people are researching in the app in the period.

As well as tips on how to tap into that interest with your campaigns.

There’s a range of usage notes and case study examples here to inspire your marketing activity, while there are also creative examples and pointers to help get you thinking.

It’s a handy guide, which could spark some additional inspiration for your holiday campaigns, and help you eek out more value from the period.
You can download both of TikTok’s Q5 guides here.