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Looking to use TikTok in your holiday marketing push?
This could help. This week, TikTok is running a webinar event, via TikTok Live, which will highlight how several small businesses have used the app to great effect within their outreach.

As explained by TikTok:
“As small business owners prepare for the biggest shopping season of the year, TikTok for Small Business is presenting a LIVE event designed to help them make the most of it. Tune in November 15, 4-6pm PST (7-9pm EST) for the Dream Stream LIVE, the event for small business owners who dream big.”
The event will feature spokespeople from nine different businesses, from a range of industries, who’ll each share their insights into how TikTok has helped them get the most out of their sales push.
“Learn practical tips on boosting sales, attracting customers, and creating engaging content straight from nine inspiring small business owners who are realizing their dreams on TikTok.”
It could be a valuable info session, which may help in your TikTok planning this holiday season.

And given the popularity of TikTok, a lot of SMBs are likely looking its way, and considering whether it may be a fit for their promotions. Part of the challenge in TikTok is that you need to create engaging, platform-native content to gain traction, which is why hearing direct from businesses that are already seeing success could help.
Maybe, it’ll be just the push you need, or maybe the feedback underlines that TikTok isn’t for you, and you can move on to other, more suited apps.
If you are interested, you can learn more at this link, where you can also register for the event.