X Corp, das von Elon Musk ins Leben gerufen wurde, hat in Utah die Zulassung als Geldübermittler erhalten und ist somit das fünfzehnte Unternehmen, dem in den USA eine solche Lizenz gewährt wurde. Dieser Schritt passt zu Musks Vision einer umfassenden App, die Zahlungen und andere Finanztransaktionen vereint. X Corp plant, die ersten Elemente von Peer-to-Peer-Zahlungen einzuführen, benötigt jedoch noch die vollständige Genehmigung aller US-Bundesstaaten. Musk geht davon aus, dass X Corp innerhalb weniger Monate von allen US-Bundesstaaten die Zulassung als Geldübermittler erhalten wird und hofft, dass die Zahlungen bis Ende nächsten Jahres eingeführt werden können. X Corps Plan beinhaltet auch, bis Ende 2024 volle Zahlungs- und Bankdienstleistungen innerhalb der App zu ermöglichen. Allerdings können internationale Genehmigungen für Zahlungen in einigen Regionen kompliziert und unerreichbar sein. Obwohl X Corp ähnliche Herausforderungen wie Meta meistern muss, ist das Unternehmen dennoch optimistisch bezüglich seiner Ziele. Meta versuchte, sein eigenes In-App-Zahlungsnetzwerk aufzubauen, stieß jedoch auf Skepsis und regulatorische Herausforderungen, die seinen Erfolg einschränkten. X Corp kann aus den Erfahrungen von Meta lernen, muss jedoch trotzdem die regulatorischen Landschaften durchqueren und eine weitreichende Zustimmung für sein Zahlungsangebot erhalten.

Community and Investor Reactions

The community and investors have shown great enthusiasm for X Corp’s expansion and the development of its financial app. Many users are excited about the convenience of having all their financial transactions and payments consolidated in one app. The promise of a secure and seamless experience has generated positive feedback and anticipation among users. Investors are also optimistic about the potential growth and profitability of X Corp, with many seeing it as a promising investment opportunity in the fintech sector.

Official Responses and Partnerships

To overcome regulatory challenges and gain widespread approval, X Corp is actively engaging with regulatory authorities and financial institutions. Elon Musk and his team are constantly in conversation with regulatory bodies to ensure compliance and address any concerns. X Corp is also seeking partnerships with established financial institutions, which can provide guidance and assist in navigating the complex regulatory landscape.

Engaging with Regulatory Authorities

X Corp understands the importance of establishing a strong relationship with regulatory authorities. By engaging in open dialogue and addressing any concerns, they aim to demonstrate their commitment to compliance and responsible financial practices. This approach could help streamline the approval process and gain support from regulatory bodies.

Collaborating with Financial Institutions

Partnering with reputable financial institutions can provide X Corp with valuable expertise and guidance. These institutions can help navigate complex regulatory processes and ensure compliance at every step. By forming strategic partnerships, X Corp can benefit from the credibility and established relationships of these institutions, which could expedite the approval process and instill confidence among users and regulators.

Expectations and Anticipated Impact

The approval of X Corp as a money transmitter in Utah and its ongoing efforts to obtain approvals from other U.S. states indicate a positive future for the company. If it succeeds in achieving its vision of an all-encompassing financial app, X Corp could revolutionize the way people manage their finances and make transactions. The convenience and simplicity of having all financial services integrated into one app would likely attract a large user base. Moreover, X Corp’s expansion could have a significant impact on the fintech industry, inspiring other companies to explore similar ventures and driving innovation in the sector.


X Corp’s journey towards becoming a leading financial app is well underway with the approval of money transmitter status in multiple U.S. states. By learning from the experiences of Meta and engaging with regulatory authorities and financial institutions, X Corp is actively working towards widespread approval and successful implementation of its payments offering. The community and investors eagerly anticipate the convenience and security of an all-encompassing financial app, and the impact of X Corp’s expansion has the potential to reshape the fintech industry.