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YouTube’s expanding access to its Community Posts feature, allowing all creators to activate the option, providing another means to interact with your YouTube audience.
Community Posts live on your YouTube channel, and provide a text-based way to keep your subscribers informed of updates and notes – similar to other social media apps.

The option was originally only available to channels with over 1,000 subscribers, but from this week, all YouTube channel managers will be able to activate Community Posts via the Advanced Features tab in the app.

As per YouTube:

“You can sign up for advanced features by going to Studio > Settings > Channel > Feature eligibility. Once there, opt into advanced features, or you can tap the plus sign in the YouTube app, tap create a post, and if you don’t yet have access to advanced features you will be prompted to verify at this point.”
YouTube’s added a range of features to Community Posts over the past year, including polls, quizzes (available on Android, coming to iOS soon), disappearing updates, and more. As noted, that provides more ways to engage with your YouTube community, and it could be a valuable complement in building your presence in the app.
Likely worth an experiment either way – if you’re not seeing the option to activate Community Posts in your version of YouTube or YouTube Studio, it will be coming soon.
You can learn more about Community Posts here.

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