Reddit Shares New Insights into How People Research Apps Within Subreddits [Infographic]

Reddit: A Top Source for App Research

Reddit, the popular online forum and social networking website, has recently released some new insights into the value of its platform as a product research tool. According to Reddit, it is the top source that people trust when seeking information on apps. This could be key information for developers looking to promote their apps and gain more users.

The Importance of Reddit Communities

Aside from the importance of Reddit as a source of app research, there are also some more general insights on how people use the platform for product research. Reddit is known for its communities or subreddits, where users with similar interests come together to discuss various topics, including apps. These subreddits can provide valuable insights into what people are searching for in an app and what they expect from it. As such, Reddit user communities can be a valuable tool for any brand looking to build its presence on the platform.

How Reddit Influences App Install Decisions

Redditors rely heavily on user reviews and feedback before deciding which apps to install. In fact, Reddit is among the top platforms that people use to research apps. According to Reddit’s research, users on the platform are more likely to install an app if it has been recommended by other users in a subreddit.

The Role of Reddit in Brand Building and Promotion

For brands, the insights provided by Reddit can be vital when it comes to building a presence on the platform. Subreddits can provide an ideal space for businesses to tap into if they’re looking to gain visibility and engage with potential customers. However, it’s essential to consider the norms and customs of individual subreddits since each community has its own rules, and businesses must tailor their approach accordingly.


In conclusion, Reddit provides a wealth of information for those looking to research apps, and it is considered a trusted source by many users. Its user communities offer an invaluable resource for understanding what consumers are looking for in an app. For brands seeking to build a presence on the platform, tapping into these communities can be an effective way to get noticed and engage with potential customers. As with any social media platform, it’s crucial to understand the intricacies and norms of individual communities to make the most out of Reddit’s potential as a research and promotional tool.

Source: Social Media Today