Threads, die Messaging-App, die mit Instagram verbunden ist, hat ein Update eingeführt, das es Benutzern ermöglicht, sowohl Like- als auch Share-Zahlen auf ihren Beiträgen zu verbergen. Zuvor konnten Benutzer nur individuell Like-Zahlen ausblenden. Diese Option kann auf Beitragsebene oder als Standard-Einstellung für alle Beiträge in der App festgelegt werden. Diese Änderung entspricht den Bemühungen von Meta, eine angenehmere und stressfreie In-App-Umgebung zu schaffen. 2019 hatte Instagram versteckte Like-Zahlen getestet, das Projekt jedoch aufgrund der COVID-19-Pandemie eingestellt. Im Jahr 2021 führte Instagram die Option ein, Like-Zahlen für alle Benutzer auszublenden. Diese Funktion soll Benutzern helfen, ihre Instagram-Erfahrung anzupassen und Ängste im Zusammenhang mit öffentlichem Teilen zu reduzieren. Die Hinzufügung dieser Funktion zu Threads kann Benutzern ein angenehmeres und komfortableres Erlebnis bieten.

Community Reaction to the Update

The community’s response to the update has been mixed. Some users appreciate the option to hide Like and Share counts, as it allows them to focus more on the content they are sharing rather than on the engagement metrics. This feature is particularly valued by those who feel pressure and anxiety associated with the number of Likes and Shares their posts receive.

On the other hand, there are users who believe that hiding Like and Share counts takes away from the transparency and social aspect of the platform. They argue that the visibility of engagement metrics serves as a form of validation and allows users to gauge the popularity of their content.

Nevertheless, this update offers a personalized experience, catering to the diverse preferences and needs of Instagram users. Whether users choose to hide or show Like and Share counts, Threads aims to provide a space where users feel comfortable and empowered.

Official Response from Instagram

Instagram, the parent company of Threads, supports the update introduced by the messaging app. The ability to hide Like and Share counts aligns with Instagram’s commitment to providing a safe and pressure-free environment for its users.

According to Instagram, the platform recognizes the impact of social media on mental health and aims to create features that empower users to control their experience. By offering the option to hide engagement metrics, Instagram acknowledges the different needs and preferences of its user base.


Threads‘ update to hide Like and Share counts on Instagram posts provides users with more control over their social media experience. By allowing users to personalize their profiles and choose whether to display engagement metrics, Threads aims to create a pressure-free environment where users can focus on sharing content without the added concern of popularity metrics.

This update reflects Meta’s ongoing efforts to foster a more inclusive and mindful social media space. While the community’s response has been mixed, the option to hide Like and Share counts offers users the flexibility to curate their profiles according to their preferences and needs.

As social media platforms continue to evolve, empowering users to shape their own experience becomes a key aspect of creating a healthier and more enjoyable online environment.