Twitter Shares Insights into Video Consumption Behaviors in Australia [Infographic]

Twitter has recently released new data on Australian user video engagement which shows how users interact with video content on the app in AUS. The findings have been based on analysis of trends and shifts that have occurred. With its immersive video viewer, Twitter is a video powerhouse with over 3.5 billion video views on Twitter every day.

Key Usage Trends and Shifts in Australia

Twitter has stated that video accounts for 72% of all user sessions globally, with a YoY growth in video user active minutes up 19%. Nearly half of Twitter’s users in AUS indicate that the platform is their go-to partner for online videos. Twitter has become a critical second-screen companion, with eight out of ten of Australian users suggesting that their Twitter usage increases while they are watching their television shows.

Opportunities for Marketers

Twitter has a significant opportunity to align its reach with high-rating TV programs. With the platform being a critical second-screen companion, it can increase the reach for marketers and create an engaging conversation around their brand. Secondly, based on Twitter’s stats, the platform provides a great source to generate more engagement of its audience.

Infographic Display

Twitter has compiled its video consumption research into an infographic. The infographic displays all the key findings from the analysis conducted. While the insights are AUS specific, they are still important to consider for marketers worldwide.


With continuous growth in video consumption on Twitter, as reflected in Australian user behavior, it is crucial for marketers to create content that is flexible across different online platforms. This way, they can maximize the reach of their brand and engage their audience, especially considering the significant opportunity that Twitter presents to increase reach.

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