LinkedIn Shares New Insights into How Institutional Investors Use the App for Research

LinkedIn, in collaboration with Coalition Greenwich, has released a new report that delves into how institutional investors are using the platform for research and potential partnerships. While this report is geared towards a smaller, more niche audience, it does provide some broad insights that could be useful for anyone looking to market on LinkedIn.

Regional Report

The report is available in four regional variations with roughly 35 pages each. These reports offer key insights into market shifts and how institutional investors are incorporating social platforms into their process.

Value Markers

One of the key takeaways from the report is the value of LinkedIn’s unique audience of senior managers. This market segment offers potential for outreach and connection. Additionally, the report highlights the importance of tailored content that speaks to the needs and priorities of this audience.

Customized Content

According to the report, half of the respondents (48%) stated that customized content is key. Marketers need to research their audience’s needs and develop campaigns that meet their challenges and priorities. Personalized content can provide significant value by understanding the unique value of your offerings for each audience subset.

Ad Formats

The report also discusses LinkedIn ad formats, with a particular emphasis on the rise of Document Ads. Research shows that PDF document attachments get the most engagement on LinkedIn, and this should be taken into consideration for all marketers.

Social Platform Usage

Another interesting insight from the report is what institutional investors believe each social platform is best for when researching a company. This could provide new opportunities for marketers and outreach focus.


While the report is niche and doesn’t have broad appeal in a generic social marketing context, there are valuable insights that can help shape a LinkedIn approach. It is essential to consider this data. You can download LinkedIn’s complete institutional investor guide here.

– LinkedIn’s New Insights into How Institutional Investors Use the App for Research
– LinkedIn’s Institutional Investor Guide