Meta Moves Away from Kustomer Customer Service Platform

Meta, previously known as Facebook, has divested Kustomer, its DM automation service platform that specializes in AI detection of customer queries. This move is one of Meta’s cost-cutting measures, with the company laying off thousands of employees and shelling various projects amid broader cost-cutting measures.

Kustomer Was Meant to Integrate with Meta’s DM Customer Service, Focusing on WhatsApp Business

Meta had acquired Kustomer in 2020 with the intention of integrating it into its DM customer service platform, with WhatsApp business being its main focus. However, due to the cost-cutting measures, the Kustomer integration became a casualty.

Kustomer Embarks on Its Own Growth Push As an Independent Company

Kustomer will now become an independent company after being divested by Meta. It has recently announced the backing of $60M from its original partners to ensure its growth for years to come.

Kustomer expressed appreciation for Meta as they launched their next chapter as an independent company: “Our partnership has resulted in expanding our international offerings, broadening our capabilities with artificial intelligence, and deepening our integration with Meta’s modern communication channels (Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger).”

Meta Continues to Focus on Evolving Business Tools

Meta will continue to focus on evolving its business tools within WhatsApp itself after divesting Kustomer. Despite the project not reaching its final intended stage, Meta remains confident about building its next level vision without the help of the Kustomer platform, as evidenced by Meta’s ongoing focus in developing the metaverse over all else. Meta’s Reality Labs VR/AR department recorded a $3.99 billion operating loss in Q1 23, which has it on track to best the $13.7 billion loss Reality Labs recorded last year.

Meta’s WhatsApp Business Tools will Integrate AI Elements

Meta remains optimistic that it can establish its business messaging tools without Kustomer’s platform. The company will continue to build its WhatsApp business tools, which will reportedly soon include more AI elements.


The divestment of Kustomer is not a major deviation for Meta, but it is the latest loss in the company’s cost-cutting measures. As Meta continues to build its next-level vision, it needs to rationalize its spending in other areas, as evidenced by its divestment of Kustomer, to focus on the evolving trends in the market.